I had been looking for a trauma based coach to help me, after I fired my therapist after 5 sessions! I felt I got nowhere! I reached out to Kate after reading numerous of her insightful comments on a coaching blog for positive psychologists. Kate is warm, funny, generous and compassionate, all backed by an almost endless knowledge and experience (not limited to) positive psychology and trauma. Her humor helped me see events in context and a “cinnamon roll moment” become a new concept! I was going through a very difficult, emotional and existential crises and Kate helped me understand the trauma and process it all. More importantly, she truly understood what I needed in "that moment” and taught me somatic exercises which I was able to use when I faced “the danger.” Kate made it possible for me to be vulnerable, cry and laugh without feeling embarrassed or ashamed, thus I feel I got great value and results from my financial and personal investment in myself.
AC, 2023
During a guided visualisation you did, I realised I was going to write a book. And I have! It's at the publishers now, and should be published by the end of September. It's called The Natural Dyer's Almanac. Thank you for that inspirational and supportive time in my life, just when I needed it the most.
CB, 2022
I really can’t thank you enough for the support you gave me over the 9 sessions. I am a ‘rock’ and felt I was in good control of my (quite full on) daily routine. However, it was gradually apparent that there were thoughts, routines and ways of working that I needed to reflect upon. I really thrived on the collaborative way we teased these out and developed them into tangible actions/ideas that I could visualise and then address. The culmination with identifying my internal actors, and how I allow them to have the space they need without one/other becoming harmfully dominant, was excellent. This, coupled with my start and end of day reflection, has definitely made my day more effective and quietened the noise, once I have stopped. Finally, thanks for the paper on trauma and the habitual issues/dependencies – it could not have been more timely. Just mentioning some of these key issues caused a counsellor, at work, to sit up and pay more attention to my concerns with their process!
Steve F, MBE., 2021
Support Officer (South West)

Self Confidence Revolution Program Attendee...

When I started the Self Confidence Revolution, I was feeling quite stuck and out of alignment around my work, so Kate's wonderful program could not have come at a better time. It helped me to discard the blocks in the way of feeling more confident. Being reconnected to my strengths and values in such a fun way was helpful so that I could see what already works and remember the things I feel so passionately about. Despite knowing about Coaching and Embodiment already, I found Kate's way of delivering the content to be fantastic. Her compassion coupled with solid scientific knowledge as well as her great natural talent for teaching make her an outstanding coach. Involving the body by introducing simple yet profound poses only solidified the learning and were also a great reminder to pay attention to the wisdom of my body and use it as a lens to view my situation through. Run, don't walk, to work with Kate!
SH, 2020
Embodiment coach
I wanted to say thank you for your help, I passed the viva exam! By working with you, I was able to maximise my potential. I worked on all the exercises you recommended, also on the posture during the exam. The questions were hard but I definitely did not have any mental blocks and my nerves didn’t let down. I could give it my best shot and I am certain that I was able to do this because of your help. Also preventing automatic negative thinking has also helped with work related issues.
RL, 2019
Kate brings a wonderful blend of lightness, creativity and humour to our sessions. And she's also not afraid to gently dig deeper to peel back the layers of what could ultimately be holding me back, leading to deep and lasting positive changes. I heartily recommend her!
KC, 2019
Business Coach
I went into coaching as a sceptic. I wasn’t sure it would work for me but had a lot of goals and confused thoughts about where I was in life, so I wanted to give it a try. What I found with Kate was a great relationship from the start. Professional, yet at times like having a coffee with a friend (albeit on Skype), she was exceptionally patient and disarmingly good at asking the right questions. Compassionate, yet not shying away from getting to the heart of the issue and somehow knowing me well after a very short period of time. And endlessly willing to try different techniques to fit my hyper-realistic and logical nature – she definitely needed to reach deep into the less ‘fluffy’ part of her coaching toolbox for me. Kate is a fantastic coach, she’s helped me deal with everything from career goals to relationships to life-changing decisions. Her warm, positive yet straightforward style, innovative use of coaching tools and ability to build rapport make her a fantastic coach. I am wholly confident in her ability to help me work through my problems or achieve my goals. I give her a massive thumbs up and recommendation.
AC, 2018
Business consultant and entrepreneur
I had a wonderful coaching session with Kate a couple of weeks ago and found it very enlightening. Kate was spot on with her observations and analysis of situations, and the tools we explored together for me to use on a daily basis have been a game changer for me. When I come to list the three good things that have happened today, I find that all I can write is that it's been an awesome day! Changing my mindset and having negative thoughts explained to have made a huge difference to my day. Can't recommend Kate enough!
KG, 2018
Assistant Learning Support Team Leader

Not All Feedback is Written!

This drawing is from someone who finished 3 months of group Self Confidence coaching with me.

During that time, she rediscovered that key character strengths for her are creativity and appreciation of beauty.

And she began to draw again, for the first time in over 20 years.

Throughout the last weeks of our coaching, we had been using labyrinth meditations to draw out awareness to enjoying the journey of life, without hustling to get ‘somewhere’.

A labyrinth offers you space to journey within, to process life, to regain balance.

This drawing speaks so much to me of serene awareness of here. Now.

Thank you to this client – it has been beautiful to be part of your journey.