Highs, Lows, and What Is Next? Season 2 Refreshing Leadership Podcast Recap with Rob Lawrence, Podcast Producer

By Kate Brassington

Want to hear what I really think of hosting this podcast, being a trauma-informed leadership coach, running a small business, and more? Join me and Podcast Producer Rob Lawrence as we chat through our experiences of hosting and presenting Refreshing Leadership. With a year’s worth of content squeezed into 9 months, there’s a lot to cover!

That is a Wrap for This Season!

That’s it, folks! Season 2 is officially in the books! With 35 powerful episodes and a whopping 4,198 downloads (and counting), we’re closing this chapter with hearts full of gratitude. A massive thank you to each of you who tuned in, shared your thoughts, spread the word, and incorporated our conversations into your lives. It means the world!

In our season finale, we’re spinning things around, and it’s my turn in the hot seat. Podcast Producer Rob Lawrence takes over as host, and let me tell you, it gets real. We’re talking about everything from the nitty-gritty of podcasting to personal reflections and even peeks into what the future holds.

A Journey of Discovery:

Diving into hosting Season 2 was a rollercoaster of emotions and insights. Each episode brought new learning and unexplored territories in both leadership theories and personal growth. Sitting in the interviewer’s chair each week was a journey of continual transformation for me. To be blunt, I’m quite tired now and will take Rob’s advice about how to host these without running my own battery flat!

Behind the Scenes:

Rob didn’t hold back on asking the tough questions! From discussing the challenges of maintaining consistency to celebrating the moments of breakthroughs with our guests, this episode gives you a backstage pass to what it’s like producing ‘Refreshing Leadership’. Did you know he actually experiences the world through his ears? His whole life is in the medium of sound. Fascinating to me, a very visual person.

Looking Ahead:

Looking forward? There’s always excitement around what’s next. We might shake things up a bit next season with new topics, maybe some fun content twists, or even exploring lesser-known leadership landscapes. Whatever it is, our aim is to keep bringing valuable, engaging content your way.

Thank You:

Once again, a heartfelt thank you for being part of our ‘Refreshing Leadership’ community. Your engagement is what fuels this journey, and seeing our episodes make a small part of your lives better is truly the highest reward.

Here’s to more learning, growing, and leading together! Stay tuned!
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P.S. What is a Refreshing Leader?

Remember, when we talk about #RefreshingLeaders, we’re not just talking about those in traditional leadership positions. We’re talking about leaders in all areas of life – in our communities, in our families, in groups. What defines a refreshing leader is something deeper, something that transcends titles and roles. It’s about embodying qualities that bring about positive change while inspiring others to do the same. And it starts with you.

Kate Brassington… is an executive coach with a difference…

Offering trauma-informed leadership coaching for high performance under pressure.

She coaches 1:1 (“one with one”).

Kate helps people:

  • Understand and improve their own behaviour under pressure.
  • Withstand high pressure environments, to sustainably produce great results.
  • Learn ways to thrive in body and mind, getting the buzz without the burnout.
  • Develop better leader behaviours to support high-performing teams.

She is:

  • Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (GMBPsS) Division of Coaching Psychology
  • Specialist trauma-informed coach (accredited Professional Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation PCC(ICF);
  • Havening Techniques ® Practitioner;
  • Listed on Top 10 Professional Coaches in Luxembourg 2023 by The For Better Institute
  • Further detail on her accreditations and blog are on her website;
  • Hosts her podcast Refreshing Leadership;
  • On LinkedIn.

Her mission:

  • To ease suffering and get the fun back!


“Kate gave me greater understanding of how my brain works along with actionable steps which has allowed me to navigate life with greater confidence. 100% recommended”, Business Owner

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