How to work with me

❓Had something happen to dash your confidence?
❓Feeling burnt out and lost?
❓Stuck, weary, had enough?

I give:
🧠 latest from neuroscience and positive psychology to get you unstuck, connected to strengths and purpose, motivated from within

🌻 resilience and well-being skills to sustain high-performance under pressure

I bring:

💪🏼 Extensive experience with entrepreneur business owners, franchise holders, and leaders across law, defence, medicine, business, security & risk, resolving mindset blocks and empowering them to step up to senior leadership roles;

💰Resolving money and success blocks for entrepreneur business owners;

👩‍🎓 MSc Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (specialist research published in Journal of Positive Psychology May 2020);

👩‍🎓 accredited as Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation;

👩‍🎓 Accredited Meditation & Mindfulness Tutor with Connected Kids (TM)

🌈 strong experience championing diversity across public and commercial sectors;

🔐 ethical, insured, police basic checked, confidential, discreet.

👉2 ways to work with me:

1. 💪Simply Coaching: book 1:1 coaching in blocks of 6 @ £120 a 1-hr session (3% discount if you pay in full upfront).

2. ✨ VIP Purpose Matters Program. If you have realised it’s time for you to connect deeply with what really matters to you, and how to align the rest of your life with that, this intensive program is for you. 1:1 online mindset coaching (c20 hrs) plus webinar series. Go at your pace, complete within 12 months. Price £3,999. 3% discount if you pay in full upfront.


“For the first time in my career I feel I am really choosing to step forward” 

– Army Colonel

“I passed the viva exam! I definitely did not have any mental blocks and my nerves didn’t let me down. I could give it my best shot and I am certain I was able to do this because of your help.” 

– Neurosurgeon

“I can see myself more clearly… it’s becoming clearer to me how I can make the changes I want… I’ve got a deeper calmer confidence in what I want and why” 

– Senior Lawyer

VIP Purpose Matters Program

An intensive 1:1 program delivered by around 20 hours of 1:1 online coaching supported by 6 x webinar videos (that you keep) and handouts for sustained and deep experiential learning.

It is for high-impact, high-potential people, probably already leaders in their field, who are ambitious and focussed to go further, yet are weary from facing into the pressure alone.

The program combines many techniques from the latest in neuroscience and Positive Psychology with results such as:

👑 Secured promotion into dream role
😎 Successfully resolved conflict at work
😃 Discovered joy and passion for work they thought they had lost
💪Become effective, visible and credible so their ideas get heard and actioned
🔥 Negotiated work-life balance that sustains them and releases more energy

Go at your own pace. You have 12 months to complete the program.

Your investment starts from £3,999 (3% discount for payment in full. Payment plans on discussion). Purchase Order Accepted.

1:1 Simply Coaching

Already coached with me? Are a coach yourself? Just have one issue you want to nail?

You can arrange blocks of 6 1:1 coaching sessions (1hr) at a package price of £120 a session. (3% discount if you pay upfront). Arrange as many blocks as you like – you bring the issues and we get to work.