Most frequent questions and answers:

Not “just a chat”, coaching is a full-on spotlight into the parts you can’t see for yourself (those are the bits you’ve sorted out already).

 Leaders, especially women, LGBTQ+, people with disability, face particular pressures to perform and “fit in” and these can affect our self-belief and willingness to keep pressing forward. 

Coaching is a respite from the storm, a chance to look inside yourself and tap into your own powerful resources.  Your strengths are what matters now, and together we turn them into superpowers.

To coach with me you’ll be ambitious, determined and yet somehow weary from doing this by yourself. Like a getting an expert mechanic to tune up your car, I am the expert who helps you tune up to your strongest and best version of yourself.

Like many professionals, I have invested massive amounts of my money and time in my own development so I can deliver results as a coach. Yet because coaching is an unregulated field, I have gone one step further and am a member of the International Coaching Federation; the “gold standard” of coaching regulation. You can view my credentials here.

Please contact me for a copy of my rate card, letting me know if you are a private client (self paying) or corporate (the organisation is paying).


Get in touch by email or through the contact form and lets talk!

For online 1:1 coaching you’ll need a reasonable internet connection and a video-enabled phone or computer / iPad of some sort. 

If you need adjustments to improve accessibility let me know and I will do my best to meet your needs.

I operate under the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics, and accordingly work under supervision. For more on how this protects you and me, please read here.

Professional insurance: LaLux.

Basic Police Check Luxembourg (reference number available on request).

Zest Coaching is registered under the trading name of Kate Brassington Zest Coaching & Consulting reg 10129770/0.