1:1 Coaching

Simply Coaching (£750)

Buy blocks of 6 x 1hr coaching sessions. Great for resolving single issues and getting unstuck in a specific area.

VIP Purpose Matters Program (£4,999)

Over 8-12 months, on this VIP 1:1 program, you get to work towards sustainable change:

  • You work out what really matters to you, and you set the pace throughout our time together.
  • You clarify your strengths, values, and what you want your life to really be about, if you believed you could.
  • You identify WHO you are, WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and above all, WHY.
  • Bonus: you build your outer Visual Confidence to match your inner voice so you suddenly find it easier to get your message across in a way that uplifts, not drains you (this bit is with colour and style professional Tracey Moys).
  • All along the way, you gently dig as deep as you wish to resolve the old wounds that are blocking you.
  • Together we get into action, and you turn your dreams into reality.

VIP Ultra (£9,999)

A coach in your pocket for a year! You get:

  • The full Purpose Matters Program
  • c3 hrs coaching per month at times to suit you
  • The full Visual Confidence Colour and Style journey with professional Tracey Moys
  • 24/7 contact with me
  • BONUS!  Share the coaching hours – either in joint or separate sessions – with your partner (Business or Significant Other) so you can clarify your purpose together for a powerful boost into creating what really matters to you both!