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Kate Brassington MSc GMBPsS PCC (ICF)

Coaching Psychologist and Trauma-Informed Coach

I am on a mission to show you that your mind is not broken.

When your body, mind, or spirit were wounded after an intensely stressful experience, part of you shut down to keep you safe.

Other parts of your mind took over to protect you.

This is trauma.

I help you heal your wounded parts so you feel whole again, reconnected with your energy and zest for life. I help you live WITH your trauma.

1:1 specialist trauma-informed coaching.

Trauma-Informed Coaching understands that safety of body, mind and spirit has somehow been shattered. The priority is to create deep safety and trust, firstly between coach and client. Then, crucially, the client begins to rebuild trust within themselves.

Using techniques from Somatic (Body-Mind) Coaching, Coaching Psychology, and applied Neuroscience, together we work WITH your trauma, not ON it (this would be therapy, and I’m trained to help you identify if this would serve you better).

Learning to make yourself whole again brings:

  • Confidence
  • Joy
  • Peace

Best of all, your life becomes less about simply managing your traumas, and way more about the things that really matter to you.

I coach, help, and guide you through .

You are no longer alone.

Free, no-strings-attached guided visualization – normally these things ask for your email address to add to my list – instead, I’d like to make it super easy for you – please just download your free “Relax and release unwanted stuck energy” audio, with love from me!

Hi, I’m Kate!

If you want to really get unstuck, ease your suffering, and get your fun back, without spending months trawling through the pain of the past, I can help.

  • You’ve done a lot of work already, but feel there is still something holding you back. It’s annoying the hell out of you.
  • You are done with going round in circles and feeling miserable.
  • You are done with distractions and numbing to get away from it.

It is time for you to resolve it and move on.

I’ve learnt to make all this inner work actually FUN!


You see, my own experience of therapy and personal developments was long months of re-living pain, of searching my soul, of getting through the darkness.

Along the way I discovered techniques that are fun. It was a revelation! So now I use a integrated blend of approaches that resolve the old wounds and increase the fun with minimal time spent talking about what happened:

  • Somatic (body) based methods to learn from the wisdom of your past without you having to talk one word about it.
  • Internal-Family Systems- Inspired Coaching to help you re-build inner self trust, connection, and healing.
  • Trauma-Sensitive meditation and mindfulness to notice the joy in every day, and re-wire your brain to realise your body and mind are safe and whole again.
  • Havening Techniques ®, a gentle way to invite trauma release that de-links the emotional charge from the stored memory, so you can revisit the past without feeling the usual emotional belly punch.
  • Positive Psychology evidence-based techniques to help make your life better, and move from survival, to flourishing!


So what?

Once you get free of emotional pain and stuckness of past burdens, it is like a bad headache going away. Suddenly you can think clearly. Your energy is back!

  • So what do you really want to focus on? 
  • What would your life be about, if you didn’t have to carry all that old pain?
  • What really matters to you? 
  • Honestly, when was the last time somebody asked you that question and you could truly answer? 

Often, we find these goals are so massive, our dream so big, that it seems too overwhelming, so we go back to being small and safe again.

Only this time, you have me. This time, we close the gap between the massive dream, and the “how on earth am I going to do that”.

Three ways to work with me:

1. Simply Coaching (£750) – buy blocks of 6 x 1hr coaching sessions. 

Great for resolving single issues and getting unstuck in a specific area.


2. VIP Purpose Matters Program (£4,999) – Over 8-12 months, on this VIP 1:1 program, you get to break through your old blocks, work out what REALLY matters to you, and see sustainable results.
To balance all this inner confidence, you work with professional Tracey Moys on your external, Visual Confidence.
You aren’t alone any more – you get 100% commitment from me. Includes: 

  • Lifelong access to 6 x webinars and handouts; 
  • c24hrs 1:1 coaching; 
  • Membership of the closed facebook group Purpose Matters Inner Circle – the tribe for whom purpose matters; 
  • 24/7 contact with me.

3. VIP Ultra (£9,999) – A coach in your pocket for a year! You get:

  • The full Purpose Matters Program;
  • The full Visual Confidence Colour and Style journey with professional Tracey Moys;
  • 24/7 contact with me;
  • c3 hrs coaching per month at times to suit you;
  • Option to share all this with your partner (Business or Significant Other) so you can clarify your purpose together for a powerful boost into creating what really matters to you both!


To book a free, non-spam, no-pressure discovery call to see if I am the right coach for you, and which program you want to jump into – click here.

If you are ready to release the burdens of trauma and pain you are carrying, rather than re-live them… if you are ready to live a life that is worth the effort you put into it… then you are in the right place!

Because you only get one life, and it doesn’t need to be spent in pain, numbness, or feeling that somehow you have missed out.

Ease your suffering and get your fun back – make a start today! Get in touch now.

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