1:1 Executive Leadership Coaching

Resilience. Real-Life. Results.

Kate Brassington

MSc GMBPsS PCC (ICF) Coaching Psychologist. Trauma-Informed Coach.

I’m an executive coach with a difference.

I bring you trauma-informed leadership coaching for high performance under pressure.

I help people:

Understand, and improve, their own behaviour under pressure.

Withstand high pressure environments, to sustainably produce great results.

Learn ways to thrive in body and mind, getting the buzz without the burnout.

Develop better leader behaviours to support high-performing teams.

Good for Business. Good for People.

Resilience. Real-Life. Results.

The Science

The link between Culture, Behaviours, Productivity, and Performance is well known.

Coaching unlocks behaviour change (also well-known). 

Yet little attention is paid to understanding the machinery behind the most basic of human behaviours – reaction under perceived threat.

Our basic human operating system evolved through millennia, yet the modern working world has dramatically emerged in a few decades.

To the ancient human operating system, a high-pressure environment is full of triggers for the threat response system.

This is why wisdom from trauma research is radically updating coaching.

By harnessing the power of the nervous system under pressure, we can thrive, produce sustainable results, and have energy left for love, life, and laughter at the end of each day.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you, and your people get the resilience, real-life, and results they need.

1. Executive Leadership Coaching 

  • This is Depth Coaching.
  • If your people are hurting, so is the business. It matters to you to help them. Read more about this here.
  • Message me to tell me what the problem is, and start working on a solution immediately

2. VIP Purpose Matters Program – 6 month 1:1  program, you get to break through your old blocks, work out what REALLY matters to you, and see sustainable results. You aren’t alone any more – you get 100% commitment from me.

You get:

  • Lifelong access to private video and PDF resources you can re-use as much as you wish full of exercises, tips, reflections, and activities;
  • 12-16 sessions 1:1 online coaching;
  • 2hrs Havening Techniques ® to release emotional charge around old traumas/stressors
  • 24/7 contact with me.
  • 5% discount military serving / veteran

3. Conference Speaker or Bespoke Workshops

  • Wanting to help shift the culture in your organisation from Mental Health being a mere buzzword, to something that is real and powerful, with a ripple effect touching many lives?
  • Curious to hear how stress can be good for you? (and other things you didn’t know about your nervous system in action?)
  • Want your people to know how to embrace stress for high performance without going over the edge?
  • Want to hear from a passionate, inspiring and fun speaker than brings these hefty topics to life with immediate take-aways and deeper insights to chew on?
  • I speak passionately, as a practitioner-researcher, because my dream is a world where people have moved on beyond the stigmas of poor mental health, so that individuals can ease suffering and get the fun back, and organisations can shift the out-of-date stigmas into vibrant conversations about how resilience and bouncing back after adversity is a strength, not a weakness. 
  • I can help your people and your communities Move Beyond Trauma. The ripple effect is massive…

  • All are bespoke, can be online or in person. Message me to start the conversation.

4. Pro Bono or Industry Collaborations 

  • I currently work with BLESMA, the Limbless Veterans Charity, coaching some of their members;
  • I support the work of The Warrior Programme.
  • I’m working towards starting Doctoral studies into trauma-informed coaching, and am seeking an industry partner to keep it practical and relevant to what is needed. Contact me if this sounds like a great opportunity for your organisation.

 To book a free, non-spam, no-pressure discovery call to see if I am the right coach for you, click here.

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